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About FieldMicro

Having worked extensively in the fields, caring for livestock, we possess a deep understanding of the intricacies of farming. Our dedication to family and the farming community is paramount. The genesis of our innovation lies in the creation of the initial FieldBot, engineered to automate irrigation ditches. This spared us the need to wake up at 2 AM every night for inspections. Subsequently, our journey evolved to refine and broaden our technology, encompassing all critical aspects of farm infrastructure. Today, we are excited to share the fruits of our advancements with you.

Watch <br>the metrics
the metrics
Control <br>the devices
the devices
Anytime <br>& anywhere
& anywhere
Watch the metrics, control
the devices, anytime
and anywhere.

Turn your farm into a SmartFarm today!

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FieldMicro’s propriety ‘read & react’ software makes your enterprise more efficient, by saving time, money and resources.

SmartFarm lets you set rules for your FieldBots to execute. Automate entire irrigation cycles by turning pumps on or off, or closing gates automatically. A single FieldBot can detect an event, such as water or livestock; SmartFarm will allow other FieldBots to react to it, by closing gates or activating particular equipment or machines.



The FieldBot and it’s array of included sensors go anywhere you need. The solar powered, 3G, 4G connection means FieldBot can easily connect to the cloud-based SmartFarm platform. One you have your FieldBot, it will be set up and ready to use within minutes! You’ll be able to access its real-time data and control connected infrastructure from your smartphone or device anywhere in the world.

Universal Compatibility

Universal Compatibility

The FieldBot connects to most existing farm hardware including irrigation ditches, feeding animals, watering fields, feeding animals, watering fields. See the full list of hardware.

Time Saving

Time Saving

You can never be every place on your farm that you need to be – until now. Save time and money by multi-tasking all from the convenience of your smartphone, computer or device.

Upgrade your farm.

Frequenty Asked Questions


Q) How would I use FieldBots?
A) To connect existing infrastructure to the internet. Which will allow remote control & automation.

Q) What equipment is FieldBot compatible with?
A) FieldBots are designed to be universally compatible, so they will connect to most, if not all 3rd party equipment.

Q) Where can I buy compatible sensors.
A) FieldMicro has a wide range of sensors in our online store.

Q) Will FieldBots work in my area?
A) FieldBots contain a 3G/4G/5G sim, which works on all networks. Optional satellite conections are also available.

Q) What warranty is included?
A) All FieldBots have a 24month replacement warranty.

Q) Can FieldBots stay outside?
A) FieldBots are built tough. Designed to withstand everything nature can throw at it. Waterproof & UV protected


Easy to install; FieldMicro is a smart, automated agricultural control and monitoring system designed to save farmers time and money. The FieldBots are designed to be universally compatible with other devices and existing farm equipment. FieldBot works in conjunction with SmartFarm to give you greater insights into farm operations.


FieldMicro’s cloud-based platform, SmartFarm, is the control center for FieldBot and provides real-time monitoring, infrastructure automation, satellite imagery and greater insights into farm operations.

  • Detailed user management system.
  • Live view & historical data from all sensors.
  • Allow the user to automate or manually control devices connected to the bots relay modules.
  • Interactive mapping allows for a birds eye view of their agricultural enterprise.
  • Designed to be online and ready to operate 24 hours a day.
On the ground

The FieldBot

Merely 20 years ago, the concept of a mobile phone containing a camera, social media platforms, or even your wallet was inconceivable. Fast-forward to today’s tech-savvy culture, the mobile phone is the go-to device for managing your own life. SmartFarm brings the Smart revolution to your farm, which you can now control at the press of a button.

Camera – Delivers real time, HD Images to your phone, tablet or web browser. This can also be automated to send images when motion is detected, turning the FieldBot into a portable security system.
Solar Panel - Charges the Long Life Li-Po Battery (Approximately 1-week battery life without any charging).
Microphone – Hear what’s happening around the FieldBot in real time.
Atmospheric Sensors – Gauges Temperature, Humidity, and Air Pressure.
MODBUS Communication System - allows multiple connections at the External Connection point.
External Connection Point - This is where the FieldBot outshines all other AgTech products.
Customizable connections - Connect what you want, with our universally compatible design.

The FieldBot

    You don’t need to be tech savvy to take back control of your farm with FieldBot. Installation is easy and it only takes a moment to connect all your FieldBots to the SmartFarm software where you’ll be able to control and monitor your farm devices from your smartphone, tablet, or computer within minutes.

    Our rigorous testing means your FieldBot already meets IP66 certification standards using the most robust and reliable parts. And should there be a problem, the FieldBot’s self-monitoring system will ensure the product is safely shut down and notifies the user immediately, so that the infrastructure won’t be harmed.

    Temperature Sensor
    Temperature Sensor
    Humidity Sensor
    Humidity Sensor
    Air Pressure Sensor
    Air Pressure Sensor
    UV Levels Sensor
    UV Levels Sensor
    Long Life <br>LiPo Battery
    Long Life
    LiPo Battery
    Solar <br>Array
    HD Video Camera
    HD Video Camera
    High-sensitivity Microphone
    High-sensitivity Microphone
    In the air

    The SmartFarm

    Have eyes, ears, and hands on your farm from anywhere in the world. The cloud-based SmartFarm system connects remotely to your FieldBots so you can hear, see, and control anything from your smartphone or device.


    If you would like a customised proposal and quote to suit your operation

    More Info.
    The SmartFarm
    Manage multiple FieldBots per property
    Live & historical environmental data
    Live & historical external sensor data
    Satellite imagery updated weekly
    Infrared satellite imagery
    Radar satellite imagery
    Real-time rainfall radar
    Manage multiple FieldBots per property
    Activate anything, remotely or autonomously
    HD Images & live streaming
    Environmental monitoring

    SmartFarm is your command and control center all run from your smart phone or device Whether you have one FieldBot or 100, the SmartFarm platform gives you all the information you want and the control you need to monitor and manage your farm. Its easy layout means that everything you need is at your fingertips including the following.

    • Command
    • Control
    • Rules
    • Specs
    • Monitor & Control your FieldBots
    • Real time access & live data feeds.
    • Imagery and audio from FieldBot camera & microphone.
    • Temperature monitoring.
    • Humidity monitoring.
    • UV monitoring
    • Atmospheric Pressure monitoring
    • Motion & movement monitoring.
    • Easily downloadable historical data
    • Enable and disable devices, machines & infrastructure connected to FieldBots
    • Turn pumps on or off
    • Open and close gates.
    • Automate existing infrastructure, such as lights, pumps & machines.
    • Up to date satellite imagery, including infrared overlay.
    • See live data from your connected tractors and machines.
    • Visually display information from 3rd party information providers, such a weather, wind and other environmental conditions.
    • Read and React software rules, can monitor for changes and take actions when needed.
    • Open and close gates for livestock, remotely or when livestock are nearby.
    • Schedule events to happen at specific times. Eg. Turn irrigation pump on at 4pm on Tuesday.
    • Take automatic action when pre-set conditions are met. Eg. Turn on an irrigation pump, if rainfall is greater than 5mm
    • Alert the users or take action; after detecting incoming rainfall or strong winds.
    • Control fixed infrastructure automatically, remotely or manually. Eg. Dim lights in a chicken shed only when UV levels drop below X.
    • There are no limits to the amount of equipment, rules or tasks a user can automate with SmartFarm & FieldBots.
    • Universally compatible with 3rd party software APIs
    • Widely compatible with 3rd party hardware.
    • MAXAR: Short-wave infrared, Synthetic aperture radar & Imagery mosaics.
    • John Deere: Operations centre compatible.
    • 24 Hour customer support.

    Upgrade your farm.


    Partnering for Success

    Operations Center Connected: Monitor and control your compatible John Deere tractors and equipment.
    See your farm from a whole new perspective. Remote sensing data includes fresh satellite imagery, short-wave infrared, synthetic aperture radar imagery and more.
    Interact with your compatible New Holland, CASE and other tractors and equipment.
    Use Cases

    See how our products
    can improve your workflow

    Autonomous Irrigation Systems

    A cotton farmer wants to control the irrigation of multiple fields on the property. A Fieldbot is monitoring and controlling the gate responsible for moving water from the main dam to the beginning of the first and second irrigation channels.

    The gates at the first and second channel also both have Fieldbots attached to automated gates, additionally both fields have Fieldbots at their tail drain. These bot are programmed via SmartFarm to monitor for the presence of water then alert the farmer with the option to close any or all of the gates responsible for further water.

    FieldMicro Use Cases

    Environmental Monitoring

    A farmer wants to monitor ground temperature, ground moisuture and other environmental data using internal & external sensors. Fieldbots are placed all over the required area and data is presented both live and historically on the SmartFarm platform.

    FiledMicro Use Cases

    Infrastructure Monitoring & Control

    An irrigator wants to be sure that no pumps fail during irrigation. A Fieldbot is attached to the pump to intermittently check it is still running. If the pump stops unexpectedly it can alert the irrigator or restart an automated pump, based on pre-set read& react programming.

    FiledMicro Use Cases

    Livestock Monitoring & Control

    A cattle farmer wants to monitor and control the movement of livestock. A Fieldbot attached to an automated gate will monitor the number of livestock RFID tags that move past it, then alert the farmer with the option to close the gate automatically, based on the farmers ‘read & react’ programming.

    Additionally with an attached load sensor the gate could open automatically based on the load of the vehicle on the sensor. The gate open/close function would be activated by a 12/24VDC Solenoid which is activated by the Fieldbot.

    FiledMicro Use Cases

    Vehicle Monitor & Control

    A farmer wants to monitor the location of vehicles & tractors. Fieldbots are stored in the vehicles required to be monitored, they can be left for extended periods, or wired in to the vehicles power supply. The bot can alert the farmer if any of the vehicles are leaving pre-set areas or exceeding pre-set speed limits.

    FiledMicro Use Cases

    Environmental Monitoring

    A primary producer wants to be able to monitor the weather continuously over a long period, additionally to monitor the wind speed & direction for air and ground spraying.

    He sets up a Fieldbot with attached weather station to monitor temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, UV, rainfall, windspeed & wind direction. The data is displayed live & visible historically via the smartfarm platform on mobile or desktop computers.

    FiledMicro Use Cases

    Livestock Monitoring & Control

    A cattle farmer wants to monitor and control the movement of livestock. A Fieldbot attached to an automated watering trough will monitor the specific RFID tags that move around it. Additionally the bot can also monitor to ensure a constant water presence in the trough.

    FiledMicro Use Cases

    Autonomous Irrigation Systems

    A farmer wants to monitor the depth of a body of liquid, such as a chemical tank on a tractor, a water tank, or water trough. A Fieldbot with attached depth sensor can send live and historical data via the smartfarm.

    When the depth reaches a pre-set level, Fieldbot can alert the farmer, or restart a connected pump, based on pre-set read & react programming.

    FiledMicro Use Cases

    As Featured In

    Our partners - Partnering for Success
    Innovative Tech Brings Farming Into 21st Century Saving Farmers Time and Money; Partnership with John Deere Provides Insights into Equipment.
    Our partners - Partnering for Success
    Farming finally meets 21st Century technology with today's announcement from FieldMicro, an innovative automated agriculture and farm control monitoring system including SmartFarm, a platform that uses smart technology to make farming simpler and more efficient.
    Our partners - Partnering for Success
    FieldMicro brings the “smart revolution” to the farm, allowing farmers to have unprecedented control of their systems and hardware.

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